10 Ways to Properly Store Mail-Order Marijuana

So what’s the best way to keep your stash potent, fresh, and tasty? How do you keep Pink Kush just as juicy as when you bought it? First and foremost, get rid of all the plastic bags. Even if your cannabis delivery came in a vacuum-sealed bag, you want to store it properly once it arrives.

Replace your storage container, adjust temperatures, and keep a careful eye on humidity levels with these 10 tips.

Glass Containers: One of the easiest and most affordable cannabis storage options is a simple mason jar. These are non-permeable and airtight (meaning they don’t let in oxygen or moisture inside).
Metal Tins: Another excellent option for your fresh online bud delivery is a metal tin. While often more expensive than a mason jar, they are just as airtight, plus offer better protection from UV rays. As only one example among many, the CVault is a sealable metal tin with humidity control incorporated into the design. But, so long as the metal lid effectively seals, any old metal tin will work.
Cannabis Humidors: If you’ve got the passion for premium flower, you’ll want to invest in a storage case explicitly for flower. Cannabis humidors, inspired by cigar humidors, are climate controlled, secure, and always beautifully designed. If you are a cannabis connoisseur, a cannabis humidor is a premium receptacle to preserve quality.
Ditch All Plastics: Moral of the story is you want to ditch all plastic containers for good. Plastic is porous, meaning that it will leech oxygen into the container over time. The problems with oxygen degradation are especially apparent with Ziplock bags or small weed baggies. Some plastics may also contain toxic chemicals that can lead to adverse health risks. Over time, the plastic can, and will, break down damaging the flavor and increasing the risk of mold and mildew.
Cool Temperatures: Cannabinoids like THC and CBD break down when exposed to heat. You want to keep your weed out of direct sunlight and away from exposure to heat sources. For example, don’t keep your cannabis in a cabinet above your stovetop. Although the degradation process is slow, over time, heat will decrease the potency.
Dark Places (Always): Did you know that sunlight also destroys the valuable compounds in cannabis? Just like heat can transform THC and CBD into less intoxicating cannabinoids, so too can UV light. The best storage containers are opaque, like a metal tin or dark glass jar. Keep your weed in the back of a cupboard, and away from sunlight.
Avoid Freezers and Refrigerators: For many years it was normal to put any excess cannabis in the freezer for long term storage. Logically, it seemed to make sense. We put our food in the freezer to preserve the freshness, why can’t we put our bud in there two. But if you’ve ever looked at a freezer burnt bag of pees, you’ll know that over time the freezer changes the moisture content of the original product. The climate in the freezer forces the moisture content out of the perfectly cured bud. Once thawed, this can mean disastrous effects for the flavor and smokability. It will also create an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and other pathogens.
Initial Inspection: Always perform an initial inspection on all mail order marijuana you buy in the USA. The weed you pull out of storage is ultimately only as good as the weed you put in. Use your five senses to assess the quality of the bud in your order. Does it smell or look moldy? Is it too damp or too brittle? If you suspect the flower may be compromised or is too wet, toss it!
Take Control of Humidity: Stoners used to suggest some pretty strange methods for adjusting the humidity levels of a bag of weed. Even today, someone might tell you to tuck a crust of bread or an orange peel into your fresh bought bud. These outdated ideas are just asking for a bag of a moldy flower. Instead, buy a pack of cannabis-specific Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control packs. These are non-toxic and dialed into the ideal moisture level for cannabis. If your stash is too damp or too dry, these automatically adjust to reach a relative humidity of 58 or 62 percent.
Keep Your Stash Safe, and Tasty
Ultimately cannabis storage is not just about secrecy anymore. The main goal for cannabis connoisseurs is maintaining that fresh and tasty flower, for days and weeks to come. But if you are just getting into the big wide world of top-shelf flower, do yourself a favor and pay attention to where you store it. So remember, keep it in an airtight, glass, or metal container and a cool dark place.

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