Is it Safe to Buy Weed Online?

With cannabis now legal in Canada, there are several legal options for purchasing it. Some grow their own; some prefer to walk into a local dispensary, while for others, the convenience and abundant choice offered by online dispensaries is the primary choice. For those who opt to buy cannabis online in Canada, then here’s the lowdown on the legality of online dispensaries and how safe an option they are.

Buy Cannabis Online in Canada
According to official stats from the Canadian government, online cannabis sales amounted to 13.3% of the market share in the year following legalization in October 2018. With $900 million worth of cannabis products sold, there is clearly phenomenal demand. And with e-commerce quickly becoming so deeply integrated into our modern ways, the influence of online dispensaries looks set to grow substantially over the coming years.

Is it Legal to Sell Cannabis Online?
Yes it is. Across all of Canada’s provinces, it is now legal to purchase both medicinal and recreational cannabis either from a government-run website or from a licensed private seller.

Why Buying Weed Online is Safe
Buying your cannabis online is perfectly safe provided you do your due diligence. It’s essential to make sure that you only purchase from reputable vendors who source the cannabis products ethically and in accordance with the law.

Buying Weed Online: How it Works
The act of purchasing cannabis online in Canada works very much like purchasing any other goods with some exceptions.

One of the main differences is with age verification. When you order cannabis online, you’ll be required to verify your age before shipment can be processed. Buyers must be over 19 in all provinces, although Alberta and Quebec have different age limits of 18 and 21 respectively.

Once orders are placed, vendors will then carefully package the cannabis products in discreet packaging and send them directly to your home. Although stigma continues to wane, most consumers still don’t want their neighbours or others to know what’s inside the packaging, and discreet packages make it impossible to tell what’s inside.

The packaging usually consists of an air-proof container that’s tightly sealed and placed in a box for additional protection during shipping to ensure that the cannabis products arrive undamaged.

Online Dispensaries: A Reputation-based Model
One of the issues most commonly associated with online dispensaries is the element of trust that the buyer must place in the vendor before buying. Unlike in local dispensaries where consumers can view and smell the flower or concentrates before purchase, online dispensaries work based on a different model, one of trust and reputation.

There’s a huge amount of money available in the modern legalized cannabis industry, and bad players can take advantage by preying on the vulnerable and technologically illiterate consumers. Although in the minority, some may sell products that may not be properly tested while other unscrupulous outfits may not fulfill orders once placed.

The Danger of Tainted Products
Every experienced cannabis consumer knows that the quality of the cannabis purchased is of utmost importance. This not only applies to the end experience, but also to the health of the consumer.

Health Canada put in place a series of regulations by which vendors must comply. Examples include removing residual levels of pesticides and fertilizers in cannabis flower and the purging of solvent like butane to safe levels in concentrates.

When such regulations aren’t followed, the tainted product can be damaging to the health of consumers who may never know they contain levels over the legal limit.

Cannabis is a powerful medicinal plant, and when consumed in its full and untainted form it can provide medicinal patients with incredible therapeutic benefits. When consumers knowingly purchase their cannabis from a highly-regarded online dispensary, they can rest assured that they do not contribute to existing toxicity levels in the body by consuming cannabis products high in questionable compounds.

The Advantages of Online Dispensaries
As e-commerce becomes more integrated into modern society, it is slowly redefining our purchasing habits. Whether for those living in rural locations far from a local dispensary, or those living in larger cities where traffic and parking are problematic, online dispensaries offer several benefits.


Where traffic, parking, and busy streets are an issue facing those who wish to purchase at local dispensaries, online dispensaries provide ultimate convenience. With a few simple mouse clicks, you needn’t venture out your front door to renew your stash.

Enhanced Selection

Online dispensaries offer much more varied and abundant supplies of cannabis that provides consumers with a range of choice often unmatched elsewhere. Where local dispensaries can only handle limited products, online dispensaries have increased flexibility in how they source their product and get it to the end consumer.

Regular Discounts and Unbeatable Prices

With frequent offers direct to the inbox of consumers, almost all online dispensaries offer numerous and generous discounts on different ranges of products.

Due to their wider reach and increased traffic, they can source in bulk and offer consumers competitive prices thanks to healthy online competition.

Online Dispensaries Meet the Needs of Those with Severe Conditions

Many of those afflicted with debilitating conditions benefit greatly from online dispensaries. Safe in the comfort of their own homes, online dispensaries provide them with a method of purchasing their cannabis without aggravating any underlying conditions or burdening them with the inconvenience of travel.

Buy Weed Online in Canada
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